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We produce all alloys in wire, bar, ingot, and cored wire.

No-Lead Solder

No-Lead Solder

Special no-lead alloys are available to eliminate the hazards of lead in the workplace.



Our Anodes set the industry standard for electroplating and chrome plating.

Other Products

Other Products

We offer a variety of other lead products from babbitts to custom castings and more.

Welcome to Victory White Metal Company

Victory White Metal Company has been serving the industry since 1920

We have a long-standing commitment to providing the best quality products, the finest solders, babbitt, tin and lead products at competitive prices. We deliver top quality material quickly and cost effectively.

Our huge metal inventory allows us to produce customized alloys, at a moments notice. Our quality-controlled process ensures a top-notch product with every order, with shipping to anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Distribution

Our Products are sold and distributed
around the world.

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Estimates / Quotes

We offer Free Estimates/Quotes
on all orders.

estimates quotes

Contact our professional sales staff via phone, or simply fill out a quote sheet and either fax or email it to us for a no cost, no hassle estimate on your current or future requirements.